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DPF Home was originated by Richard J. DellaRosa. In the wake of his March 2010 death, it is maintained by his daughter and his wife

Mr. DellaRosa was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and is the grandson of Italian immigrants. His interest in the JFK case began the day it happened and has continued ever since.

Mr. DellaRosa spent seven years in the U.S. Air Force as a Telecommunications Systems Control Technician and operated and maintained voice and data circuits worldwide in support of the Air Force Communications Command, U.S. Air Forces Europe and the Defense Communications Agency. He received training at the Aerospace Technical Training Center at Keesler AFB (Biloxi) Mississippi and was subsequently stationed at MacDill AFB (Tampa) Florida, Wiesbaden Air Base (Germany) and Andrews AFB (Camp Springs) Maryland.

Mr. DellaRosa worked for Southern Pacific Communication Company (SPRINT) as a Senior Technican and Staff Engineer in Washington DC and later in Chicago, IL.

Mr. DellaRosa worked for the Paradyne Corporation, which was later acquired by AT&T and became AT&T Paradyne, for 18 years in Product Marketing and Sales Technical Support.

Mr. DellaRosa was educated at the University of Maryland at College Park, Northwestern University in Chicago, and the University of South Florida in Tampa. His major field of study was Political Science.

Mr. DellaRosa was medically retired in 1995. He established in 1998 and provides a forum for researchers from around the world to share information and further the study into the JFK assassination and related subjects.

Mr. DellaRosa is an honorary editor of the Assassination Research Journal for thr advanced study of the death of JFK --