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This section contains video clips relating to JFK of historical value

Comedian Bill Hicks on the JFK Assassination
Weigman film, Paschall film, Zapruder film (wide)
Bell film, Hughes film, Bronson film
Couch film, Dorman film, Muchmore film
Jeffries film, Martin film
Dr. James H. Fetzer on JFK, Wellstone & 9/11 conpiracies
JFK on Secret Societies 
JFK: "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" 
Abraham Zapruder interviewed on Dallas TV 
Secret Service called off at Love Field 
Madeleine Brown on the Murchison Party 
1st Day Coverage: Walter Cronkite 
A Commentary by Chet Huntley 
Dave Powers film 
Interview of Dr. Malcolm Perry 
John Connally Interview 
Dr Shaw on Connally's wounds 
Harold Weisberg on the Katzenbach Memo 
Lee Bowers 
Response to the Assassination in Time Square 
Arrival of the Kennedy Party from Dallas 
Radio coverage as it happened on KLIF 
Zapruder, Nix, Muchmore films split screen 
JFK Autopsy Photo Forgery: Dr David Mantik, Joe O’Donnell  
Oliver Stone: JFK Autopsy Scene
Jim Garrison`s (Kevin Costner) final summation
Jim Garrison meets Mister X
"Two Kennedys" - clip (1976) Assassination analysis
Dealey Plaza: 43 Years later
Interview - Acquila Clemmons
The Dennis David Interview
JFK assassination aftermath - Mentesana film
Alyea film
JFK on Civil Rights and Equal Rights
President Kennedy - "(The US) will never start a war."
JFK - "We Will Pay Any Price"
Paul Kangas live Sat. Oct 27, 2007
JFK - The Jim Garrison X-File
The Killing Of Lee Harvey Oswald
In Search of Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald's "view" from the depository
Oswalds "view" from the depository (Scoped)
Lee Harvey Oswald Is Shot
Oswald is eliminated - The Aftermath
Jack Ruby Press conference
Janet 'Jada' Conforto on Ruby
JFK vs. Big Steel
Kennedy Rice University Speech
Brain Mind Production  
“I’m just a patsy”
Paul Groody, mortician
Dallas police interviews
Playing of “Taps” at JFK's funeral
Joseph Milteer and William Somerset
Newsreel footage
Ed Hoffman, Harold Weisberg