The Alternate Report On the Assassination of
President John F. Kennedy

by Robert D. Morningstar©

Part I: A Question of Common Sense

THE PROBLEM OF THE JFK PARADOX: Medical Discrepancies and Unresolved Riddles


Asking the Right Question

Part II: A Question of Justice



"And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed; and all the world wondered after the beast."

---The Revelations of St. John The Divine, 13:3.


No one, who studies the JFK assassination, can walk away from it without being struck by the synchronicity of silence and strangeness, paradox, and disinformation regarding certain subjects and their artifacts, i.e., the evidence, actual or altered. A palpable dread is still felt in the testimony of those who in recent years have begun to speak out on their experiences during and after the assassination. The contradictions multiply, the strangeness persists. In the witnesses who still live, the dread remains…the dread of knowing, the fear of being asked the right question too directly.


A unique subject and object of much consternation is that of the President's brain (or the absence thereof). There are strange events and circumstances surrounding this singular object and its disappearance that are baffling to this day.

Many analysts continue to wonder at the physics of the brain which, according to Dr. Luis Alvarez, mimicked the effects of jet propulsion. How could so much of the tissue which was lost on Elm Street and Parkland Hospital miraculously (like the "Magic Bullet") regain so much mass and integrity as to be the same specimen described by Drs. James Humes, Thornton Boswell, and Pierre Finck (HBF) later in Bethesda Naval Hospital.

The observations of Humes, Boswell and Finck and their descriptions of the brain are completely at variance with its condition in Dallas according to the testimony of eyewitnesses at Parkland.

Yet, despite the discrepancy, the U.S. Government still accepts unquestioningly the HBF testimony, which forms the bulk of the Warren Commission's "medical evidence". This book is an attempt to resolve the paradox.

The JFK X-Ray/Photo Paradox

The x-rays and photos of the President are not totally consistent. Parts of pictures match up with parts of x-rays but there is no overall consistency.  

If the X-rays are real the photos are faked or retouched and if the photos are real the X-rays are faked or the skull was surgically modified. The mass confusion of inconsistent, contradictory and mutually exclusive evidence, which the government accepts uncritically as "evidence" to this day is yet another paradox.

GRODEN'S LEAK: "The Stare of Death Photos"

The photos sold to The Globe by Robert Groden, popularly known as "The Stare of Death photos", do not exactly match up with the structural defects revealed in the x-rays presented as evidence to the Warren Commission and the HSCA, especially that shown as "The Large Defect (F8)" below.

The following thesis will prove beyond all doubt that the photo designated as "The Large Defect (F8)" is the only true photograph of the real President Kennedy.



The structural defects shown in the x-rays, extending from the temporal region to the inner orbit of the right eye, preclude the possibility of the right eye, brow and cheek having enough structural support for that area of the face to appear as it does in the "Death Stare" photos.

The eye and brow would sink into the head. It would be impossible for so little bone to support the eye in its deathly stillness, nor the brow since the x-rays show no right orbital bone structure. Only a posterior fragment of zygoma remains with what appears to be a circular entry wound at the juncture of the zygomatic process and the temporal bone, marking the epicenter of the shock wave that has fractured the occiptoparietal area and the remnants of the temporal bone.

Nearly half of the right anterior side of the frontal bone forward of the coronal suture appears to be missing or removed, the greater wing of the sphenoid has flown.

 Many unbiased medical experts who once sided with the Warren Commission Report, when confronted with the medical evidence presented by the HSCA, changed position in view of the evidence and reversed their opinions. The most famous, Dr. Cyril Wecht, was once a Warren Commission supporter and subsequently chief medical consultant to the (House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). After seeing medical evidence once classified "Top Secret" under "National Security" by the Warren Commission, Dr. Wecht changed his opinions and became the most eloquent and most vociferous opponent of the medical conclusions of the Warren Commission Report. It seems that for the Warren Commission the desirable conclusion came first. The evidence was of secondary importance.


In some rear view and overhead photos purportedly taken of JFK one can see an open flap hanging along a parasagittal incision and part of which forms "The Devil's Ear", an organically inexplicable artifact.


As disturbing as this photo may appear, reader, take heart, this is not the real President John F. Kennedy.

As will be shown in Part II, this photo is a foul and gruesome medical fraud which was surgically composed and designed to stifle your thinking, stunt your reason and paralyze you with fear. It is designed to instill a fear and dread so deep as to distract you from seeing the true identity of the victim…or asking about it. The corpse's true identity has been hidden until now for nearly 35 years.

My fellow Americans, I have known the real face of John F. Kennedy and this face is not that of JFK. But how may I to prove this to you? Read on to see the answer.


In the Fox photo "F8", one can clearly see the floor of the cranial cavity and discern part of the posterior clinoid process, an important reference for a clear understanding the orientation of the photograph.

As will be shown in Part II, "The Ultimate Secret", this is the only verifiable and authentic photo of President John F. Kennedy. It is the only photo consistent with actual Dallas eyewitnesses on Elm Street, in Parkland Hospital and in certain frames of the Zapruder Film following Z-313.

The destruction is catastrophic, more than half of the right frontal, temporal and rear right occipital-parietal region is gone. The victim's scalp has been almost entirely removed and reflected. This photo is greatly at variance with what one sees in "Right Superior Profile (G1)", one of the so-called "Stare of Death" photos leaked by Robert Groden. Nowhere is the cover-up so blatant as in this photograph.


Only one of them is the real John F. Kennedy. Fox photo F8 appears to be the only actual photo of JFK's corpse to have reached the public and the duped medical experts used to prop up the Warren Commission Report. Note the extremely dark region at the bottom of the photo. Within this darkened region lies nearly invisible proof that this is the real photo of the head wound of the late President.

Below, there follows a sequence of enhancements of that area conducted by this researcher on October 15th, 1998, which prove this photo alone to be consistent with the testimonies given by the Parkland Medical team of doctors and staff.





Below the jagged edges of remnants of occipitoparietal bone, the first enhancement shows the demarcation of an area of missing occipitoparietal bone in a generally rounded off pentagonal area in the lower center right of the photo. The newly revealed area manifests all the characteristics described by Drs. Perry, Clarke, McClellen, and Crenshaw at Parkland Hospital. In the development of this photo, this area appears intentionally under exposed in order to camouflage the presence of the wound which the Parkland staff witnessed and which the Warren Commission denied.


The photograph on the left, Enhancement 3, was produced by increasing brightness, contrast, sharpness and gamma levels of Enhancement 2 above. In addition, the segment was digitally rotated approximately 30 degrees in order to give the viewer a more frontal perspective.

This improvement resulted in a remarkable new insight and a discovery which I have dubbed "The Lone Star". The red asterisk indicates the site of a 5-pointed star shaped and sharply beveled exit wound. The area bordered in red marked "Missing Fragment" corresponds to the general shape of the actual fragments, which radiated from the initial point of impact, "The Lone Star" and blasted out, yawing outward after fragmentation within the skull. This can be seen in close-ups of Zapruder frames Z-313 ff. An interesting corroborative point to note: the general shape of the missing fragment is roughly congruent to the beveled edge of "The Star".

This indicates to us that the bullet causing this wound would have to have passed through an already open frontal head wound without having struck frontal or temporal bone upon entry which would have resulted in its deformation or early fragmentation.

Deformation or early fragmentation would preclude the possibility of the shape here manifested from being formed. This wound and its characteristics correspond exactly to eyewitnesses' testimonies both on Elm Street, Parkland Hospital and the Z-Film.

It explains perfectly well what Mrs. Kennedy instinctively retrieved from the trunk of the limousine, attested to by Secret Serviceman Clint Hill's testimony in "History of the Secret Service", a recent History Channel special, "a piece of the President's skull".




The geometrical form of The Large Defect bears no relationship or resemblance to the shape of the fractures depicted in either the frontal or lateral x-rays. In the photo on the left, the contours of the separate fractures have been sharpened to facilitate analysis of their individual shapes and separation . The contours of the fractures appear to radiate like rings and spokes from the epicenter of the impact site in the right temporal region.


Visible in most right side photos, most evident in "Right Superior Profile (G1)", is a most unusual area of the upper right forehead known as the "Reference Black Triangle" or "Bat's Wing". In previously published B&W photos, the area appears to have been purposely blacked out.

The origin and purpose of "The Devil's Ear" and "The Reference Black Triangle" have remained a mystery until now. 


Although other photos do not accurately reflect the damage plainly seen inflicted on the real JFK in the Zapruder film, Fox photo "F8" remains the only photo to reflect accurately both eyewitnesses' descriptions and the damage partially seen in frames of the Zapruder film.

There is no brain visible, nor any recognizable brain structure present Fox Photo "F8". The structure visible to the eye is clearly the base the cranial fossa. One can see in this photo that the central areas where the diencephalon and mesencephalon would reside are vacant. The mesencephalon containing the cerebral peduncles is part of the midbrain and brain stem. It is difficult to believe that much recognizable structure in the tissues of the diencephalon could have survived considering the violent and explosive forces demonstrated to have been present by the damage done to the remaining and barely recognizable fragments of Skull.

As shown by the discovery (above) of the "Lone Star" wound site in the back of the skull, the consistent and officially recorded reports from Parkland regarding an evulsion and extrusion of parts of the cerebellum falling through the large hole in the right occiptoparietal area stand validated by this newly discovered proof.



 Considering the vectors of the forces which caused such catastrophic damage to the cerebellum, it is highly unlikely that an area within such intimate proximity, the midbrain and the cerebral peduncles, could logically be expected to suffer so much less damage than its neighbor and remain so recognizable as to be described so clinically by Dr. Humes. The phenomenon observed at Parkland Hospital are indicative of severe maceration, hence the evulsion, extrusions and hemorrhaging observed by Perry, Clark, et al.

Yet, Dr. Humes reports observing a parasagittal laceration, extending from the optic lobe to the rear surface of the orbit of the right eye.

Dr. Humes was observing a laceration where there should have been little or no tissue. Something is awry here. There is also the problem of his first draft having been so remiss that he was sent back by Admiral Burkley, ordered to rewrite it. Another problem, Dr. Humes destroyed his first draft by casting it into his fireplace.

But...What if they are all telling the truth and, as cold observers, simply stated what they observed of what was presented to them for observation under very controlled and unusual circumstances.



This question was posed not by this writer but by David Lifton in 1967. It is described eloquently and systematically in "Best Evidence". Mr. Lifton's persistence and logic led him to the conclusion that if Dr. Humes was telling the truth about the brain he observed in his report, then someone must have tampered with the President's head wound somewhere between Dallas and Bethesda. His research, using information flow charts, led him to the discovery of the Sibert and O'Niell FBI report describing that "it was also apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed and surgery of the head area, namely, in the top of the skull" (Best Evidence, pp. 171-172).

Why would surgery have been necessary on the body of a dead man? Could it have been to put something back together or to cover something up? Or was it both. This question is only one of many surrounding the assassination of the late President Kennedy.

The paradox remains of mutually exclusive evidence. The only explanations are deception and the use of disinformation, extensively and methodically.


The Warren Commission Report is a rearrangement of the facts purposely designed to conceal the truth and confuse the public by creating cognitive dissonance in the public mind.

It is, one must suppose, that fallacy so complete and patent falsehoods are so self-evident in this paradox that it makes the injustice of the act so more palpable and reprehensible. It is that very issue which will not let the question rest. Not to mention how our consciences revolt at the moral depravity of the perpetrators who in the act had to violate something most humans consider sacrosanct in death, the mortal remains, the human body. It constitutes a violation, both physical and psychic, designed to force the body to lie to us in death! That we the living should never know the truth and that we should remain deceived, puzzled, and terrorized. As will be shown, it was a trick to hoodwink us all and make us doubt our own reason!


Why would it have been necessary to suture something up again in preparation for an autopsy? Perhaps the wound didn't look right. Why? Perhaps because a multiplicity of wounds would have betrayed the presence of a multiplicity of assassins. Or could it be that something was switched?

The paradox perplexed David Lifton. The medical jargon contained in Dr. Humes' autopsy report both mesmerized and mystified him even though he did not fully understand it. He decided to educate himself on brain physiology and seek expert advice. He called a neurosurgeon and read Humes' report to the surgeon without telling him who the victim had been. After reading the report to him during a telephone conversation, the surgeon remarked that the description of the victim's wound sounded like he had been killed by an axe!

For the WCR describes a "parasagittal laceration", such as might have been made by an axe or a knife. It described a gash in the brain five or six centimeters in depth, running the length of the brain, from the optic lobe to the orbit of the right eye.

The President's brain is described as weighing 1500 gms., but eyewitnesses described it as appearing much smaller. There is a distinct discrepancy. Consider the report of a Parkland nurse who claimed to have looked into the President's head and later exclaimed "he had no brain".

Then there is Mrs. Kennedy's shocked scream "My God, they've shot Jack's brains out", reported that very day by Mrs. John Connally, before scores of news cameras. It is hardly credible that anything resembling 1500 gms. of brain matter could have survived the explosive forces seen in frames Z-313, 314, 315, 316 and a third bullet which struck JFK in the head at Z-323 of the Zapruder film.


There is a saying that "You can't fit a square peg into a round hole or a round peg into a square hole." It's not quite true.

Few people know that one can do it if one knows that the diagonal of the square peg must be equal in length to the diameter of the round hole.

One can also fit a round peg into a square hole quite snugly but the diameter of the round peg must be equal in length to the side of the square hole. However, one is always left with four plots of empty space at the corners of the square hole and four chords sectioning four lost arcs of equally empty space at each side of the square peg. This is an apt metaphor for the autopsy photographs and x-rays and what the Warren Commission did in their investigation of the slaying of JFK.

 The Warren Commission Report Schema:

Circle in Square Square in Circle


The Facts Remain Hidden in the Dark but the Wrong Peg Holds


The following are the eyewitness accounts of people who were in the closest proximity to the President in Dallas:

President Kennedy: "My God, I'm hit!" (Secret Serviceman Kellerman's testimony)

Mrs. Kennedy (closest to the President, reported by Nellie Connally) :

 "My God, they've shot Jack's brains out!"

William Newman: "I heard Jackie say "My God, they shot Jack..."

Each member of the Willis family watching the President as he drove by at close distance (15 to 25 feet) state:

Mrs. Willis: "His head exploded and I saw a pink halo all around his head..."

Linda Willis: "The back of his head was blown off".

At Parkland:

Dr. Kemp Clark (Warren Commission statement):

There was a large wound in the right occipito-parietal region from which profuse bleeding was occurring. 1500 cc. of blood were estimated on the drapes and floor of the Emergency Operating Room. There was considerable loss of scalp and bone tissue. Both cerebellar and cerebral tissue were extruding from the wound."

Dr. Robert McClellan: "20 to 30 percent of the brain mass was missing."

Bobby Harkiss (Motorcycle Policeman riding left rear of JFK): "When I turned back to look, that's when the President was shot in the face."

The point to be made in recounting these horrors is that nearly half of the President's brain mass did not survive in an intact and recognizable form.


As often cited by Dr. Cyril Wecht, cerebral tissue originates in the front of the brain, cerebellar tissue is situated in the rear. Both types of tissue were extruding from the wound in Parkland Hospital. By 1 p.m. CST, the time at which he was pronounced dead, 1500 cc of macerated, not lacerated, tissue had issued forth from the gaping wound in the right occipital area. This area is now euphemistically referred to as the "large defect". There remains the mystery of the missing puzzle piece which Mrs. Kennedy had retrieved from the trunk of the limousine and turned over to the surgeon at the hospital asking "Will this help?".

As if in trance or shock, Mrs. Kennedy's silence on the subject continued to the end of her days. In consideration of her sensitivities, I withheld publicizing this information until after her passing though I did inform her of my knowledge without these gruesome details.

This is the paradox of JFK, apparently, that of a man with one brain in life and two brains in death. It is inconceivable that the brain of the President could have regained so much mass and recognizable structure considering the written testimonies of Dr. Clark and Dr. McClelland. Despite its fatuous physics, the Jet Wash Effect Theory of Dr. Luis Alvarez cannot explain how motorcycle patrolman Bobby Harkis was struck with such force that he thought he himself had been shot.

Harkis was riding behind and to the left of the President. Dr. Alvarez, riding his professor's chair, neglected to explain how the Jet Effect which had to gush forward and to the right to drive the the President backward and to the left, could then have made a U-turn and convince Harkis that he had been shot. Harkis's face and motorcyle were struck by a spray of cranial flotsam, while on the wrong side of "the jet effect".

How could Humes, Finck and Boswell observe a "parasagittal laceration" across a section of brain tissue, from the right optic lobe to the orbit of the right eye, which by every eyewitness account available had ceased to exist in Dallas more than eight hours before?

Any person can tell you the answer. It is not possible!

It is a paradox which employs contradictory evidence, used simultaneously to confuse the public and protect the guilty. It is called inducing cognitive dissonance.


The above analysis leads to two conclusions of which we can be certain. One is that the events described above and the Warren Commission conclusions are not possible or consistent with science, reason, logic or geometry. Secondly, I believe, as David Lifton did in 1968, with equal certainty that Humes, Boswell and Finck were looking at something real, and that they described it as well as they could considering their plight and their fright. At times they were presented with a brain previously severed at the base of the brain stem, later, with a body with no brain. Something real was presented to them and they made real observations.


Well, then who's brain was it, if it was not JFK's? Was it so easy to pull another brain out of a hat? The answer is "yes...out of a policeman's hat."


The answers to very difficult questions or paradoxes often come not as statements but as other questions. So it was in this case that the answer to the JFK Paradox came forth in 1993 from the simplest and most unexpected question. It was one which began the unraveling the spider's web of mystery surrounding the medical evidence and its diabolical alteration. But, what was that question?


The following are the pieces of the puzzle we are left with to resolve the paradox:

a body without brain;

a brain without body;

a body with no bullets in it;

skull x-rays with no jaw;

jaw x-rays with no skull;

    • Conflicting medical testimony between Dallas doctors and the autopsy team of Humes, Boswell and Finck. For example, Dr. Malcolm Perry denied performing the throat surgery depicted in the photos and described by the autopsy team calling it a wound of entry not of exit

It takes no genius to see that the evidence is tainted, but by whom? Who would want to cover-up 3 murders, frame and execute a scapegoat, and terrorize the American public? Who is the specter behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Who piloted the plot to ambush JFK?


Who would control the information and its interpretation to insure that the real criminals went free? The answer to this question is, of course, The Warren Commission and its staff of lawyers, with the sole exception of Senator Russell Long.


Many experts pouring over the tainted material, year after year, found no resolution to the paradox. All had worked futilely for more than 30 years, yet never asking the right questions. For example, one question someone should have asked is "what is the flaw in Dr. Alvarez' Jet Wash theory" which has been fallaciously used to explain JFK's head motion in the "Magic Bullet" theory.


In the entire sequence of Dr. Alvarez's equations for the Jet Flux or Jet Wash Effect hypothesis there is not a single mention or factor for the effects of wind velocity, direction, variation or atmospheric pressure. This flaw, or oversight, relegates the equations to the mythical realm of "perfect cases", "fairy tales" or "thought experiment" invalidating his conclusions and greatly reducing the probability of the correctness of the Jet Effect or "Jet Wash" Hypothesis in general.

Any pilot knows that slight variations in any of these variables with temperature (density altitude) can radically alter all thrust, lift and drag coefficients, stall speeds and gas expansion rates for the Bernoulli effect, which is the basis for Dr. Alvarez's theory. Dr. Alvarez should have remained with the hard science of comet collisions, iridium deposits and the dinosaur's extinction. His equations are examples of atmospheric Antiscience. It has fanned more controversy than expected and in its inherently negative way achieved the opposite of its intended purpose by bringing more attention to the subject. It will forever remain a professional blunder and a blight on an otherwise brilliant career. The author does not admire scientists who use science in reversal of its principles in order to deceive and confuse the less intelligent or the gullible.


I have dubbed those evil skills used by The Warren Commission to distort facts and alter evidence by the term , "Antiscience". It is a degenerate branch of science, which has become the enemy, it is in its essence "anti-human". Antiscience reverses scientific principles to prove a conclusion contrary to the actual facts and uses disinformation and confusion to breed fear as tools of mind control and manipulation. It has become the enemy of mankind. It is one of the specters underlying the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was the instrument used by the Warren Commission conspiracy to cover up the murder of JFK for 35 years.

  "And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed; and all the world wondered after the beast."

---The Revelations of St. John The Divine, 13:3.

The end is nigh.

Continued in Part Two:

The Ultimate Secret of the JFK Assassination: The JFK-TIPPIT DOUBLE MURDER