Tampa Tribune 11-18-63


Tampa and Cuba are united by unbreakable ties.

A high percentage of the population of this City is composed of Cuban immigrants and descendants. A great deal of these immigrants have lived most of their lives in this heavenly and noble land. But, without forgetting that Island in which they were born. Towards the end of the past century, when Cuba was the only and last nation in the New World--meant to offer FREEDOM to all men on earth--to gain her independence. Cuban patriots met in the streets of Tampa's Ybor City. Their purpose: to fight for Cuba'sFreedom!

While the great nations of yesterday's world turned their back on Cuba's drama, through the historical streets of Ybor City, JOSE MARTI, true leader of Cuba's Independence Struggle, combined efforts for the last--and later, successful--attempt for the dissolution of our ties with the Old World. In the years that followed, the name of Tampa, Ybor City, together with others, were cherished by Cuban history students, as the strongest ties of eternal brotherhood between the most powerful nation of today's world andthe "most beautiful land that human eyes have ever seen."

Today, The President of the United States visits the city of Tampa. We Cubans, that have lost our liberty, crushed under the Military boot of International Communism would like to take this opportunity to remind the people of the United States and its President that Cuba is fighting again for her Independence. . . and again with the indifference of all the great nations of today's free world; alone against all, but with the spiritual strength that only loss of freedom can give!

While the President is here in Tampa he will be greeted by the citizens of the City. Meanwhile, lost in the crowd--with tears in their eyes--will be many a widow, many an orphan and many a mother whose husbands, fathers and sons have lost their lives back in Cuba (only a few miles away) just for the sole "crime" of defending the right to choose their government and live in peace and liberty.

That may be the response of our women. Men don't act that way. We men are listening clearly to the sound and echo of the voice of JOSE MARTI in the streets of Tampa. And that voice tells us of only one way: WAR TOTHE INVADER!